The complete truck navigation solution tailored to meet
the everyday demands of a waste collection company.
At the turn of your ignition key, the WIS on board
computer will show your driver exactly where to go and
what to collect.

This all-in-one system gives the ability for

Any Driver To Drive Any Route.


WIS navigation and routing solutions are customised to address the specific operational requirements of waste collection businesses.

Turn by Turn Navigation that allows Any Driver To Drive Any Route

WIS Navigator gives you the agility that enables any driver to
drive any route. Our easy to follow color coded road system will
show drivers exactly where to go and exactly what to collect.

Smart Reversing Feature

The WIS Driver X4 will show a driver when it best to proceed as normal or
when to reverse the truck to complete a collection. This feature has its own
unique color coded display on screen which makes it extremely easy to

Record an issue with a collection

The WIS on board computer will allow a driver to record an issue with a collection instantly.
Drivers can simply select a reason from an on screen menu and this will also automatically update to the customer’s account.

Enhanced Service Verification

With the WIS on board computer, drivers will have an accurate, reliable and robust solution for service verification

Fully loaded with custom features

All of our solutions at WIS are built specifically for the waste management industry. And as such, our features are customized and
tailored to meet the daily operational needs to drivers.

Navigator Hardware Specs


What Our Clients Say

WIS was created from a waste management company that was searching for the technology that it now creates.