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The only cloud waste management software that handles domestic, commercial and roro effectively.


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Automate your workflow with the WIS Server

The Waste Information Server (WIS) is a cloud-based server solution that manages all work processes of a labor-intensive waste management operation. The WIS server can be set up to power any number of waste collections sectors as well as numerous parallel markets.

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

The WIS server is scalable to handle all types and sizes of businesses, so whether you are a local authority with 400 trucks and 2000 staff or a skip hire company with 4 skip trucks - WIS can be customized to handle your business needs. The WIS server can also be integrated with external systems via our REST API, so if you only need to have GPS tracking and Route Management on 10 trucks and need this data to feed into your existing IT system - then this is no problem.

Scalable Infrastructure

Each customer service container is fully customised and flexible

Extensive API and Apps

An abundance of API calls and dedicated Apps

Proactive Customer Support

We make it our business to call you each week

Serving all aspects of Waste Management

The WIS Office is the perfect waste management software solution for all types of refuse collection companies as it has many modules that fit all business purposes.

Domestic & Commercial

Fully Integrated with Vehicles

Complete Solution

Integrated with Apps

Feeds from Website & Trucks

Fully Customisable

Stand alone and API

Full Debtor System

10 Reasons why your company should use the WIS Server

1. Staff Management

WIS tracks actions, GPS, activity live throughout the day

2. Advanced Asset Control

Making it easy to manage bins and other assets simply

3. Easy Account Management GUIs

Making it super easy to manage Domestic, Commercial, and Skips accounts

4. Simple Route Editing

Poor GPS tracks can be auto fixed to create perfect routes

5. Automation of Tasks

Be it customer alerts or invoices - everything is easy with WIS

6. Simple Invoicing & Payments

We automated everything and made things the way they should be - easy!

7. Fully integrated with our hardware

Everything flows smoothly from office to truck and vice versa

8. Customisable Reporting

Giving you and your customers full flexibility

9. Auto Backups and Action Logs

Every action is reversible and backups are taken automatically

10. Everything is included, Apps, API etc

There is nothing else needed, once you have WIS everything makes sense.


Let us show you what the WIS CRM software can do for your business. Contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.