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Vehicle Routing for Garbage Collectors : The incab terminal designed specifically for garbage collectors - advaning operational efficiency throughout the entire fleet.

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Driver X3 advances the way collections are managed

Serving the Waste Management Industry Globally. The Driver X3 helps waste management businesses of all sizes track their vehicles, manage routing, optimize collection routes, remove paperwork, improve vehicle utilization, reduce accidents and increase productivity.
Combining a friendly and intuitive interface with in-vehicle connectivity and routing, the Driver X3 is a purpose built onboard terminal for commercial vehicles. The Driver X3 can be delivered as a stand alone hardware device or delivered pre-installed with our Truck Router software - powering GPS tracking, Route Navigation and Task Management, etc. The DriverX3 comes with many peripheral connection ports, providing the ability to handle any future task e.g. RFID scanning, Bin Weighing, etc..

Manage Routes

Seamless turn by turn navigation with colour coded bins for easy driving.

Manage Collections

Geocoded bin locations ensure 100% transparency of daily collections.

Manage Staff

GPS tracking, office ticketing, daily reporting and staff logging help manage staff efficiently.

Turn by turn assistance

Editing & Optimization

Live GPS tracking

Management Portal

Customised Vehicle Checks

Managing staff actions

Collections KPIs

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Take the headache out of Fleet Management with our Driver X3 incab terminal. Designed specifically for the waste management industry to drive great results.

The Driver X3 syncs directly with the Waste Information Server back office system. If you would like the Driver X3 to link directly with your inhouse back office software then we can integrate via our web services API. **The Driver X3 is manufactured and fully tested to quality management standards in Europe.n

Installation of the Driver X3 into your vehicle is straight forward, simply insert the 3G data SIM card, connect the power cables to your vehicle’s power source, then screw in the lockable ram mount and you are up and running - full installation manual and help videos provided.nnThe Driver X3 is ignition powered (12 - 36 volts - suitable for all commercial vehicles), meaning it auto starts sending GPS tracking information to the server straight away (with Truck Router). This really packs a punch into vehicles which already have a GPS tracker, as they are no longer needed. The Driver X3 does GPS tracking as a base feature and many more additional services that your business needs daily.nnThe Driver X3 is a perfect solution for refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers as it auto loads complex routing and collection points on the map screen. Also enabling the driver to easily add collection problems and incidents during their day. n


Let us show you what the Drive X3 can do for your business. Contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.